Sunday, 1 July 2012

Schadenfreude ...

Q: Roger, a lot of us have not seen a guy play the way Rosol did last night, especially in a pressure situation - how much sympathy did you feel for Rafa going down that way? 
A: Well, This is not against Rafa - but it was nice to see it was still possible, because I think 15 years ago you had matches like this so much more often on the faster surfaces, that a guy could just catch fire and just run through you. 
Today it's virtually impossible because you make so many more returns these days and conditions are so much slower, with the elements its so much harder to be ... ummm ... in that state I think, where as it was just amazing to see it was possible. Ok, he didn't play like that for 5 sets but in the 5th it was just a joke and I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn't believe it that he pulled it off the way he did. 
Afterwards the nice press people asked Me about Rafa and I say, “In the 5th it was just a joke, I was laughing in disbelief 10 minutes after the match ended.” – yes I really did say this. I must be honest and humble with My fans. But it was funny wasn’t it?

In the car on the way home one of My staff asked Me if the Roland Garros final of 2008 was also funny. This staff member now does not work for Me.
Point to note ... when someone says "this is not against Rafa" ... it usually is.

So Federer was laughing in disbelief that a player managed to get away with what he did against Rafa the other night So much so that he even had to repeat the phrase in a television interview with Sue Barker yesterday as she was fawning all over him. So loving it though, that a member of PseudoFed's staff asked him about the French Open final. Because you see, I've laughed in disbelief after watching re-run after re-run after re-run of that match. And then had to watch it one more time just to check that I really did find my disbelief so funny.

And yes, it was nice to see that it was still possible that one of the Little Guys could run through one of the big ones. I don't think Feds would have thought it very "nice" if Benneteau had have managed to do it on Friday night though, would he? Or Falla, perhaps, in 2010. However, it doesn't seem that everyone shares Feds' view ...
Q. Roger said last night he said it’s good for the sport that these upsets can still happen. Obviously the four of you have dominated at Grand Slams recently. Do you think the same? 
ANDY MURRAY: To be honest, I mean, I don’t know. I think, you know, a lot of people have said to me that the quality of matches at the end of the Grand Slams have been unbelievable the last few years. 
You know, people like seeing that, but I think upsets are part of any sport. Some people like them; some people ‑‑ I’m sure Rafa, Rafa has a lot of fans that wouldn’t have been too happy about it.
No, we're not.

I do though, sit here safe in the knowledge that when the time comes for one of the Little People to take the GOAT out, Rafa will express some form of sympathy for his long-standing adversary, remind everyone what a great player he is, and say something about "this is the sport".  But I swear on my pet Cavalier's life that there would never, ever be any references to "laughing" for 10 minutes afterwards in disbelief, Schadenfreude or otherwise.

The bloke is a total pompous ass, and I am currently selling my soul to the Devil and wishing, hoping and praying for a little piece of Schadenfreude myself over the next week.

Picture source credit : @PseudoFed


  1. Wooffie----I am praying too. Fed needs to be taken down a notch or two. Talk about arrogant!!!

  2. What an ass Roger!!!

  3. Really disliking him more and more everytime he opens his mouth. Not playing so great himself recently so hope he finds it as funny if he is another upset.

  4. How over-sensitive are you crazy Nadal fans? Federer was not laughing at Nadal, he was laughing in disbelief at how Rosol was able to keep up that crazy robotic form until the very end of the match.

    1. Tell you what. How crazy are you to come to Rafa fan site and getting all over-sensitive over some comments made about Federer?

      We know full well that he was “laughing” in disbelief about Rosol’s performance. But let’s consider this scenario …

      “Q. Rafa, a lot of us have not seen a guy play that kind of return on a match point in a US Open semi-final the way that Djokovic did last night, especially in a pressure situation – how much sympathy did you feel for Roger going down that way?

      A: Well, this is not against Roger, but it was nice to see that it was still possible, that a guy could just steel himself and run right through you … on match point as well, it was just amazing to see it was possible. OK, Djokovic didn’t play like that for 5 sets, but at match point, it was just a joke, and I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn’t believe it that he pulled it off the way he did”.

      Hhmmmm ...

      All players sometimes have un-describable moments go against them. But not all other players consistently stick their foot in their own mouth when discussing it. I’m sure Federer would be totally amendable to hearing that other players laughed in dis-belief about events that went against him. Plus, I’m still waiting for his answer to the question of how much sympathy Federer felt for Rafa going down that way. Because when someone goes on to say that “this is not against Rafa”, that it was “nice” to see that a guy could still just run through another player, to then get on the bandwagon about “slower” surfaces (considering grass was slowed down back in 2001 before he ever even came to prominence on it) and bearing in mind that Federer has won on said “slower” surface 6 times in his career; and to then laugh in disbelief about the level of play of someone against one his biggest rivals, I would say that the sympathy he felt was precisely this … none.

      A simple, "Well ... I feel sympathy for Rafa, but then ... this is the sport, noh?" Covers it all, doesn't it?

  5. Wooffie, first interview I thought it was incident by rg, but that's repeation, imo, rg purposed to do that, he deserves a condemnation,

    I pray, that rafa will flatten him in olimpic,

  6. Well said Wooffie to Anonymous. Roger knew what he was saying. He could have simply said, I couldn't believe it. What's with the 'I was laughing for 10 minutes'?

    When was it that Roger completely missed the shot on an ace from Rafa to win the title? Madrid 2011? Did we hear Rafa say 'I was so overcome with the laughing that I almost couldn't accept the trophy noh?'

    A Crazy Rafa Fan xx

  7. Any chance you could make it even more obvious to the meanest intelligence that this is a Rafa fan site and not for federer supporters? Not sure how but maybe an IQ test to weed out the federrors. Or some footage of Tsonga at Wimbledon last year wiping the floor with him? Something fed could watch and remember just how funny it was to be on the receiving end of these upsets, how great it was for the sport, and how nice it was to see it was still possible. Difference is it is a shock and surprise to see Rafa beaten like this but something we nearly expect now from fed. Hence the sour grapes I guess .....

  8. Keep all your yada yada, we rafa fan know, he is not deity, win or lose we'll take it, just can't accept others dance on his lose.

  9. You are obviously doing something right Wooffie if you even have Fed Fans following you daily :-)

  10. To the “anonymous” Fed Fan.

    I read your post about coming over here to have “fun”. Well, you and your kind of ilk are not welcome and will be deleted. You have the rest of the world-wide-web to have your fun in … so skip it.

    1. Trouble is with Fed fans...they're as arrogant and as narrow minded as the man they support. Not only is he a crashing bore, he's believes he can say what he likes, when he likes and get away with it....worst of all the media let him do just what he likes. There's a nasty spiteful vindictive character underneath that so called "charm". Why not just say, "It's a shame for Rafa, but that's what happens in our sport, you just have to say too good on the day and go on to the next tournament". He doesn't say that, because he can't stick the knife in that's why...always one for the cheap shot, that's Federer.